Application Info

Are you a parent with kids in extracurricular activities that you feel you just cannot afford? Or do you want to put your kids in activities, but the cost alone prevents that from even happening?

Welcome to Your Dream is Our Dream. We are a non profit organization that specializes in assisting families with some of the costs associated with organized sports, dance, arts etc.

You can print the application below, and scan it to us via email to:

Scholarship Application PDF

Or you can snail mail:
Your Dream is Our Dream
PO BOX 13366
Las Vegas, NV 89112

In order to qualify for a scholarship:

  • Must be a Resident of Clark County, NV
  • Verify Income
  • Student must have 2.0 GPA and no attendance issues with their school
  • Proof of School Attendance Applicants under the age of 18 must prove they are enrolled in school and making satisfactory progress.
    • High School Students need to ask their school to complete a Certificate of Compulsory School Attendance and take the original part of this form with them. The form is valid for only 30 days.
    • Most recent Report Card or Progress Report is also acceptable.